Thursday is the day to get some wings

WOOOOOOOOO! it’s Wednesday and its supposed to snow tomorrow! “I love the snow” And you know what tomorrow is? It’s Thursday. Which happens to be the best day to head on out to Buffalo Wild Wings at any of their three locations in Fargo/Moorhead. Thursday is the best day to go to Buffalo Wild Wing, or BDUBS as some like to call it, because that’s when they have Boneless Thursdays were boneless wings are $0.60 a piece. They also have Wing Tuesdays were traditional wings a $0.60 a piece. But lets set those factors aside and talk about what makes Buffalo Wild Wings a great place to chow down on some wings, have a few beers, and watch some sports.

Atmosphere – 4/5

The Atmosphere is what you would expect from a sit-down grill and sports bar type restaurant. The walls are filled with different sized TV’s all viewing different sporting events going on so no matter where you get seated you will be able to view any one of the events you are interested in. The seating area is split between the bar section and then the regular seating section. However, in the case of the Moorhead location, there is also a upstairs bar seating area that you can reserve for parties or large group events.At night the lights are dimmed but not to the point that you can’t see. Just enough to give off the darker sports bar feel. There is plenty of ampul seating for small and large groups of people and overall is a great place to go with a group of friends to watch some sports and get some grub.

Service – 5/5

The service I have encountered at Buffalo Wild Wings has been nothing short of excellent. There is always someone there to greet you at the door. Servers are polite, friendly, caring, and aren’t afraid to joke around a little. Your orders are taken at a prompt pace and your food is usually on the table withing 5-10 minutes. During the meal, servers will check up on you in a timely manner as if not to bug you to soon but also not coming by at the last minute while in the mean time you have finished your meal waiting for another drink. The tabs are presented to you when your ready to leave and you will always be thanked when walking out the door. Overall it is a great experience.
Variety/Taste – 5/5

On this review I’m going to cover taste and variety in one fowl swoop. Because Buffalo Wild Wings tailors your order to your tastes its hard to pin point taste and variety because for each person it could be different. How this works is when you order wings you have a 16 different sauces and 4 different dry rubs to choose from all ranging from their very wild to their hottest, which happens to be blazn’. its because of this array of choices that I cover taste and variety in the same category. The variety is great as far as the different flavors of wings but BDUBS also has burger, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Thus the variety is vast and the taste is all up to you. Order something that sounds like it will tickle your taste buds and strike your fancy.

I hope you enjoyed my short review of Buffalo Wild Wings. Until next time.

~ Justin


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